Your Luggage Delivered, Minister J Scindia Tweets Frustrated Student

The student had slammed IndiGo for her “horrible experience”.

Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia came to the assistance of college student who had posted about her “horrible experience” on an IndiGo flight. Mr Scindia helped the woman in getting her luggage delivered to the hostel after she complained of “mental and physical exhaustion” in her tweet.

“Your luggage has been delivered at the hostel gate. Take care,” the minister posted on Twitter on Monday, in response to the woman’s tweet.

The college student, who goes by the name Anoushka on Twitter, had posted a thread a day before in which she said, “Had the most horrible experience travelling with @IndiGo6E, because of their incompetency and delays, I had to travel to four different airports in less than 24 hours to reach my destination and when I finally did reach, I find out my check in luggage isn’t delivered yet.”

After the student’s complaint, IndiGo asked her to come to the airport and pick up the luggage.

“Now they’re telling me I have to come collect it tomorrow from the airport. How much more mental & physical exhaustion am I supposed to suffer? @IndiGo6E atleast have the decency to refund partially or fully for this horrible experience,” she further said. Mr Scindia tagged this particular tweet while responding to her.

In her other tweets, she had highlighted that her hostel is far away from the airport and she will have to spend around Rs 800 to reach there to collect the luggage.

The thread became popular on Twitter, with users recounting their own experience with IndiGo. “IndiGO? Nah bro, more like Indi-NotGo,” a user tweeted.

“Yes, they have started cross the limit of same as charging for even seat after paying huge for ticket..will they allow to travel standing? It’s not their duty to provide seat? Appreciate gesture of @JM_Scindia but for how many cases he can involve himself personally?” asked another.

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