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Young Jets fan absolutely annihilates team in cut-throat TikTok breakdown


Jets fans have made an art form out of trashing their team over the years, but one young fan has it down to a science.

A young man on TikTok, with the username TD.sports, broke down one of the worst offensive plays the Jets had in their Week 2 loss to the New England Patriots, and left no survivors. 

The play took place in the first quarter when rookie quarterback Zach Wilson threw the first of his four interceptions on the day. As TD.sports pointed out, the interception was just one symptom of the dysfunctional machine the Jets put on the field on Sunday.

In a savage and meticulous breakdown of the play, the user calls out uncalled holding penalties, players seemingly lost in the action and Jets blocking their own teammates.

Then came time for Wilson’s actual interception, when the rookie broke one of the cardinal rules of playing quarterback by throwing the ball into the middle of the field late.

Zach Wilson was intercepted four times in Jets loss to the Patriots.
Zach Wilson was intercepted four times in Jets loss to the Patriots.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

But even with all the mistakes, Jets wide receiver Corey Davis still had a chance at the ball, but just didn’t leap high enough to make the catch. The contested reception wobbled though the air and into the arms of New England cornerback J.C. Jackson.

“And Corey Davis has no hops,” TD. sports declares with brutal precision.

The video has been liked 362,000 times on TikTok and was nearing a million views on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

TD.sports put it best himself with his opening line, “If there’s one play that sums up the New York Jets, this one has to be it.”


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