Woman unrecognizable after stunning ‘catfish’ makeup transformation

She’s taking the power of makeup to a whole new level.

Canadian makeup artist Sarah Andres has been dubbed a “catfish” after flaunting her wow-inducing makeup transformation online.

Using the power of makeup — plus clip-in veneers for four front teeth lost to a 2017 quad biking accident — 35-year-old Andres shares her makeup looks via social media, telling Caters News people don’t even recognize her.

“I have even had people ask me how I managed to lose weight between the before and after images,” she said. “And when people that know me without make-up actually see me with make-up, they don’t even recognize me.”

Her viral videos on TikTok garner thousands of views, with one racking up over a million.

In the clip, captioned “Baddie,” some people doted on her clever use of transitions, while others called it “witchcraft.”

“This should be illegal,” wrote one astonished user.

“That’s why I got trust issues,” joked another among a chorus of viewers telling Andres she “looks beautiful.”

“It doesn’t bother me when I share what I look like naturally because I am happy with the way I am and I know that looks aren’t everything,” she said. “Although it has taken me a while to get to this point.”

Along with her “beautiful Hollywood smile” — thanks to veneers — Andres contours her face to change its shape, sculpting the perfect nose, cheekbones and jawline.

Her nose and teeth are the parts of her appearance that people always point out, she added, but dramatically changing is her favorite thing about makeup: “It’s like magic.”

Sarah Andres posts "before" transformation
The TikToker, who has thousands of followers and views on the platform, regularly shares before and after videos.
@lashesandlosing/ CATERS NEWS

She’s been honing her makeup skills since 2010, perfecting her techniques and finding what works for her facial structure.

“I have watched hundreds of hours worth of makeup tutorials on YouTube to learn these skills, and in 2018 I became a full-time makeup artist,” Andres said, adding that she’s a “big fan” of glittery eyeshadow.

She said it’s “fun” to be able to transform herself with makeup, taking an hour to pack on a full-face look since she never settles for natural.

Sarah Andres, makeup influencer
Andres was dubbed a “catfish” by her TikTok audience online.
@lashesandlosing/ CATERS NEWS

“I love doing glamourous makeup looks, I never go for a natural makeup look,” she said. “It’s all or nothing with me.”

But she doesn’t rock the glitz and glam to “hide” her looks. Instead, she wants to encourage people to embrace their natural beauty.

“My main goal is to inspire women and help them realize they are beautiful with and without makeup,” she said.


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