Viral Video Shows Man Bitten By Shark, Internet Surprised By His Calm Reaction


The other people on the boat were shocked to see the shark’s reaction.


  • The man was helping a nurse shark who appeared to have lost senses
  • He was present on a boat with a woman and two children
  • The shark jumped out of water and latched onto the man’s hand

A man who released a shark in the sea was bitten by the creature, in a video that has gone viral on social media. The 11-second clip posted on Reddit shows the man along with a woman and two children on a boat trying to revive the small shark after releasing it in the water. After a couple of nudges, the fish wakes up and immediately starts swirling around and biting the man’s palm. He tries to pull out his fingers but the shark clings on to it for some time. The man finally pulls out his hand and the shark’s mouth is seen full of blood.

The other occupants of the boat, especially children, are seen terrified but the man is seen walking away calmly sucking the injured part. His reaction has surprised the internet.

“Collective GASP. He was so casual about it lmao,” a user commented. “Like he lost $20,” said another.

“His reaction is kinda hilarious. I laugh more the more I watch it. He just sounds really annoyed. Like when I’m pounding in a nail and it bends or something like that,” another user commented.

The video has received more than 33,000 votes and over 3,000 comments on Reddit.

The fish in the video is nurse shark, which are usually small and stay away from divers but their jaws are strong and mouths are filled with hundreds of serrated teeth.

They are ranked fourth in the number of documented bites on humans, according to National Geographic.

Two years ago, another similar video went viral on social media which showed a nurse shark latched onto the arm of a man who was swimming at Florida’s Jenson Beach.

Local publications said that the shark bit the man’s arm while he was playing around in the water. What amazed social media users was the way he handled the situation calmly. A video shot by one of the beachgoers showed the man coming out of the water while holding onto the shark like a pet. The fish was latched to the man for around 45 minutes until paramedics arrived at the scene.

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