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The September 2021 new moon has huge changes in store for Virgos


A new moon in Virgo (14 degrees) arrives like a field of flowers on Sept. 6, 2021.

New moons represent fresh starts and open a doorway to you depending on where they fall for your zodiac sign. So close your eyes, take a breath — and visualize that you are walking down a forest path. The gardens bloom around you, filled with an abundance of life.

You feel strong. You feel healthy. During this period of the year, when the Sun dances through Virgo, we have an opportunity to appreciate what our lives thus far have grown. 

The world wants you to embrace moments like that now.

In the days following the new moon, we can assess our work-life balance and alter our routines so that we are ultimately healthier, stronger and more prosperous going forward. We can expect positive growth once we step out of our comfort zones — so let the universe amaze and excite you.

Read on to find out how your zodiac sign will be directly affected!


Productivity will be on the top of your mind due to September’s new moon, Aries. As this lunation highlights your sector of employment and physical health, you’ll be switching up your routine and likely taking on more responsibilities. Some Aries may be shouldering more projects at work or, if freelance, may end up signing more clients. A new job offer could appear as well. Also, with a greater focus on your physical health, you may decide it’s time to alter your diet or exercise plan to improve your strength going forward.


Let the fire of passion ignite your heart, Taurus. September’s new moon sets ablaze your sector of romance, creativity and fertility. Single Tauruses will have an excellent opportunity to meet someone new — perhaps even a soulmate connection that asks you to begin a lover’s dance. Committed Tauruses can share in this spice, too, by bringing more pleasure and spontaneity into their relationship. If trying for a child, the stars could also align. Lastly, with this lunation highlighting recreation, hobbies and creativity, you could soon find that you’re ready to embrace more pleasure as well.

The new moon in Virgo could bring fresh starts for many.


Tap into your roots, Gemini. September’s new moon turns the camera’s focus toward your home and family and will encourage you to make a change. Some Geminis could realize it’s time to move, relocate, renovate or fix up their living space with fresh decor. You will also likely find your attention is being placed upon your past and your family. Some Geminis may be required to step up to help a parent in need.


Speak up, Cancer — the world is listening! September’s new moon will bring a flurry of ideas to your mind that you may now be ready to launch via a communications-related endeavor. Some Cancers will become quite busy with a writing, speaking, advertising or social media plan. Consider stepping outside of the box and approaching things from a fresh perspective — you could realize that you’ve captured lightning in a bottle! Lastly, with this lunation also spotlighting travel, you could realize that you’re ready to step out of town or even be a tourist in your own city. Staycation, anyone?

Don’t hold back if you want to travel, Cancer.


Cash in on the money, Leo! September’s new moon energizes your prosperity zone, opening a doorway for you to attract more income. A new job offer, raise or lucrative client could manifest out of thin air. Now would be an auspicious period to assess your bank account and cut out excess expenses, too. With your financial life so favored at this time, you could even consider splurging on a fabulous new possession that fills your heart with joy.


Step into the spotlight, Virgo: You’re the main event! The most important new moon of 2021 falls within your zodiac sign, so this lunation arrives like the cosmos’ very own special birthday gift just for you! Now is a vital period to start new patterns, plans and projects for which you want an extra dose of celestial help. Make a list of what you’d like to build and achieve — personally and professionally — in the year to come. Then take action and watch as the universe starts to help put the pieces into place. Remember: It is your time, so don’t hold back.


Find your solitude, Libra. September’s new moon brings rest to your mind and your heart, helping you to reflect on the past year and what you have created. Now is an excellent moment to recharge your batteries, daydream and indulge in some TLC. This lunation could encourage you to put your mental health first or connect with medical specialists to improve your strength. Finally, you could suddenly decide it’s time to start working on a beloved behind-the-scenes project, too — something that may take some time to launch, but is dear to your heart.


Grab your calendar, Scorpio, because it’s about to become packed with exciting events! September’s new moon is one of the happiest and most fortunate for you, as it highlights your sector of friendships, communities and aspirations. You will certainly hear from many acquaintances and beloved friends in the days ahead and will likely find a flurry of invites coming your way. Step into your popularity and own it! Single Scorpios would also have an especially great chance at meeting a new romantic option through their network or online dating. The main message from this lunation is to get involved and connect with others. Realize that you’re a part of a tribe that loves and supports you.

The September new moon could offer more potential for love, Scorpio.
The September new moon could offer more potential for love, Scorpio.


Lift the crown atop your head, Sagittarius. The beacon of glory is now shining upon you. September’s new moon focuses on new beginnings in your professional life. Some Sagittarians could hear news of a promotion, new job offer from a competitive firm, award or public recognition. Seize the day by launching important initiatives or applying to other companies. With so much cosmic support lifting your name into the stars, it is time to know your power and show the world what makes you rare. Get active on building toward your next big ambitions.


Spread your wings and soar, Capricorn. September’s new moon empowers you to move in exciting and exhilarating new directions that support your mind and spirit’s growth. Some Capricorns could decide it’s time to embark upon a newfound academic, media, international or spiritual endeavor. If returning to school, you will be able to incorporate the lessons rapidly. Also, if you’ve been eager to travel or immigrate, the stars could now provide a breakthrough that changes your life forever. Book a trip for now or in the future and you’ll find it becomes a milestone learning experience that changes your perspective on life.


Reflect on the balance within your relationships, Aquarius. September’s new moon brings a breath of fresh air to your sector of intimacy and assets. The fruits of your relationship could now be coming into bloom, whether in the form of increased affection, resources or attention. You will surely be assessing the give-and-take within your partnerships and if your needs are being met. Now would be an excellent time to discuss what you want and need from others. Also, this lunation will shine a light on your debts, loans, settlements and investments, too. This would be a lucky time to apply for financial aid or venture capital or even pay off a credit card.


Reach out your hand and dance with a twin flame, Pisces. September’s new moon brings an opportunity for you to form or improve your partnerships. With the stars smiling upon you, agreements, negotiations and commitments could happen before your eyes. Some Pisceans will decide it’s time to move in, make long-term promises, get engaged or even wed. If single, now would be an excellent moment to connect with prospective suitors who have long-term potential. Remember: There are times in life to pursue independence, but now is one to come together.

Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, ABC Television, Hulu, Bustle, Elite Daily, House Beautiful, Marie Claire, YahooNews, MSN and more. He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives and prominent influencers.


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