Russian Woman Makes Yummy Daal Baati; Stuns The Internet With Her Cooking

Indian cooking requires a whole lot of ingredients and patience to cook. Even if you are making the simplest recipe like daal chawal, there are different steps that one must follow carefully to bring out that delicious taste. While many of us continuously make several recipes, it takes time to master them. For others, it may come to them naturally. And the same seems to be the case for this Russian lady! Ekaterina Raman, a Russian woman living in Madhya Pradesh, showcases her life in India on Instagram. Her social media is full of her travels to various locations in India. Recently, the woman posted a video of cooking some daal baati for her husband, which looks absolutely delicious!

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Taking to Instagram, she shared a video of herself cooking this delight. The video begins with her preparing the baati dough as she kneads the flour and ghee together. Then, she adds daal to the cooker and, side by side, also prepares an onion-tomato tadka for it! She even cooks the baatis on a traditional kitchen tandoor. Once that is done, Ekaterina breaks the baati into pieces, tosses them in ghee, and serves them with the yummy daal! In the post’s caption, she also informed her audience that she made green chutney but wasn’t able to fit it in the short video. Ekaterina has two ways of making this daal baati, one that her mother-in-law taught her and another that she learned in Jodhpur! Check out the full video here:

Ever since she uploaded this video, it has been viewed 97.5K times and has more than 9000 likes and several comments. Many people have praised her for her skills. Take a look at some of the reactions below:

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“That looks so delicious!”

“You are doing amazing; God bless you.”

“You are great; it’s not easy to adapt to others’ culture.”

“Love your style. Felt so good watching you put so much effort for your husband.”

Many others have also commented that the food looks’ tasty’ and ‘delicious.’ Some others have praised her for her cooking skills!

What do you think about her cooking?! Let us know in the comments below!

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