Racoons Play With Soap Bubbles, Internet Finds Video “Too Cute For Words”

Picture shows two raccoons playing with soap bubbles along with a dog.

Videos of animals and their innocent behaviour are very popular on social media. One of the short clips posted on Twitter is a perfect example. It shows two raccoons playing with soap bubbles along with a dog.

The video has been shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter on Tuesday with caption, “Raccoons playing with bubbles.”

The video has garnered over a million views and more than 61,000 likes on Twitter in just few hours and more than 9,000 users have re-tweeted the post.

Users have been surprised by the video and have left a barrage of comments. 

A user wrote, “This is so lovely.”

Another said, “Racoon: “Move dog! Don’t you see I’m trying to grab these bubbles? Go outside and fetch something!”

“Too cute for words,” commented a third user.

Another viral video in May this year from an animal shelter in California, US, showed a raccoon that got stuck headfirst after it chewed through a roof.

Taking to Facebook, the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter informed that Wildlife Emergency Services received the call about the animal. They even shared a photo which showed half of the raccoon’s body sticking out of the roof of a house in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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