On Camera, Madhya Pradesh Woman Flogged With Belt, Paraded For Affair

12 accused, including the woman’s husband, have been arrested.

Dewas, Madhya Pradesh:

12 people have been arrested by the Madhya Pradesh police after horrific videos of a 32-year-old tribal woman being assaulted and humiliated in public for an alleged affair outside of marriage went viral. 

In the videos, shot by witnesses and perpetrators themselves, a woman can be seen being brutally beaten up by several men and being paraded around the village with a garland made of shoes. Her husband can also be seen pulling her hair and punching her as she falls to the ground from the blows. An older woman and another old man unsuccessfully try to shield the woman and help her up after she falls to the ground because of the attack. Still, almost everyone else either looks on without intervening or joins in beating her up, even gleefully recording videos on their camera.

The incident is from Borpadav village in the Dewas district where a tribal woman was on Sunday partially stripped, flogged with a belt, and thrashed by villagers, including her husband, in full public glare. 

The woman, who is the mother of three, was “punished” by the tribal men after being found with a 26-year-old lover at his house. Her two daughters and a son were also present when she was being assaulted.

The woman had reportedly left her home after which the husband filed a missing person report. However, she was later found at the house of her lover in the same village.

She was even forced to walk around the village carrying her husband on her shoulder amid cheers from onlookers, including children, as punishment for having a relationship with another man despite being married. 

Villagers filmed the entire act. Visuals show even children laughing while capturing the assault on their phone cameras. 

A local police constable Shrawan Kumar rushed to the spot on hearing about it on the Dial-100 emergency response service and saved the duo from further cruelty and escorted them to safety in a police vehicle.

“An FIR has been registered against 12 accused on the complaint of the man who was assaulted along with the woman. All 12 accused, including the woman’s husband, have been arrested,” Dewas Superintendent of Police Dr Shivdayal Singh said.

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