Mumbai Police Shares Viral Video Of Men Fighting Over Bus Seat To Give Road Safety Advice

The clip has gone viral and has been shared on several social media platforms.

The Mumbai Police recently came up with an interesting way to put forward a message about road safety. 

Taking to Instagram, the police department shared a hilarious viral video of two elderly passengers fighting for a seat on a public bus. The short clip got ample coverage on the internet and even became meme material overnight. Joining the trend, the Mumbai Police also shared the video with a caption, “There’s ‘no space’ for a third person on a two-wheeler!”

Watch the video below:  

The video shows two men cooped up right next to each other, passionately arguing over who is hogging up more space on the bus seat. In the clip, one says “bahout jagah hai (There is a lot space)”, and the other one counters him with “nahi jagah hai (there’s no space)”. 

Since being shared, the clip has gone viral and has been shared on several social media platforms. The video shared by the Mumbai Police has garnered over 159,000 views and more than 25,000 likes. Several internet users also shared their thoughts in the comment section. 

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One user wrote, “Mumbai police always rock.” Another jokingly said, “Jack and rose in Titanic.” A third added, “The team who is handing @mumbaipolice social media is really genius and creative based on the trend, awareness also done,” while others simply flooded the comment section with laughing emojis. 

Mumbai police often share photos and videos on their Instagram handle that create awareness. Anything that is happening in the world is likely to catch the attention of the police department. A while back the Mumbai police had even shared Blake Lively’s image and reminded users to keep their passwords “Lively”. 

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