Man Kills Wife, Holds Hand And Plays Her Favourite Song After: Report


Yang confessed to the police that he had done “unspeakable” things to his wife.

A man in Florida has been arrested and charged with murder after slitting the neck of his wife and playing music while holding her hand as she passed away, Newsweek reported.

According to local station WKMG, the officers of Altamonte Springs Police Department arrived at an apartment after getting a call on Tuesday informing them that a man had just killed his wife. The man was identified as 21-Year-Old Xichen Yang.

The person who called the police official to file a report also informed them that the man was allegedly attempting to clean up the crime scene, WKMG reported.

The police detained 21-year-old Xichen Yang at his Ballard Street residence on Tuesday.

According to WKMG, records reveal that when police arrived to the Goldelm at Charter Pointe Apartments, they entered Yang’s apartment after receiving a key from the leasing office. Nhu Quynh Pham, the victim, was found inside the building by police, lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom with her throat slashed.

When asked, Yang confessed to the police that he had done “unspeakable” things to his wife, including slashing her neck and drowning her in the bathtub as she started crawling and tried to escape the attack.

Yang said to the police that it was “not how he was raised” and that if he starts something, he must finish it “all the way” when asked why he didn’t stop before killing his wife, the station further said.

According to the outlet, Yang also told the police that he played his wife’s favourite song and held her hand as she died.

The man who informed the police officials about the tragic incident was identified to be Yang’s employer. He told police that he tried calling Yang at first when he didn’t show up for work, WKMG further reported.

According to the employer, Yang was upset when his wife burnt his passport. Yang informed his employer about killing his wife and performing other “unspeakable” crimes after getting punished by his boss for being irresponsible, according to the station.

Yang has been accused of tampering with evidence as well as murder.


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