Karnataka Leader Caught On Camera Slapping College Principal

Twitter users have expressed their outrage over the incident.

A Janata Dal (Secular) leader has been caught on camera slapping the principal of a college in Karnataka. The politician, M Srinivas, was on a visit to a college and reportedly got angry after the principal was not able to provide a clear answer about the ongoing development work for a computer lab.

The incident took place in Mandya on June 20 and the video is now going viral on social media. It has created outrage among the public.

In the video, Mr Srinivas, the MLA from Mandya, is seen repeatedly slapping the principal while taking a tour of the renovated Nalwadi Krishna Raja Wediyar ITI college.

Other officials and other local politicians, including a woman, are seen watching the incident in shock.

Many Twitter users have expressed their outrage. “The Principal’s colleagues watching quietly…. shouldn’t they all have walked out of the program in support?” asked a user.

“The principal should file a police complaint. His staff and the staff of other colleges should come out in support,” said another.

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