Islanders In Scotland Save US Couple’s Wedding After Their Luggage Disappeared: Report

The Florida couple’s flight to The UK was diverted to Philadelphia

Pictures from a special wedding on the Scottish island of Skye is winning hearts on social media. The kindness and support of these islanders toward the American couple, who wanted to fulfill their goal of being married in the Highlands, is what made the “imperfect” wedding so remarkable.

A picture has been shared by a user named Grouse Beater on Twitter on Friday.

“Brigadoon Happy Ending. Amanda and Paul Riesel planned a Skye wedding for two years, but their plane from the US was delayed; they arrived the night before their wedding luggage missing. The islanders clubbed together and found them some kit! All’s well that ends well. (Photo RW),” reads the caption.

After their flight was delayed and rerouted, Amanda and Paul Riesel arrived the night before their big day with just their wedding rings and flowers, BBC reported.

Rosie Woodhouse, a Skye wedding photographer who captured the beautiful pictures of the couple’s wedding, took them to social media and posted a request for assistance. The dress and the kilt were available by the next morning, the outlet further said.

According to BBC, Amanda, who was on the verge of giving up, stated, “Our perfectly imperfect wedding was only a possibility because of Rosie and the wonderful folks in Skye.”

“Fate had a hand in our happy day because local Broadford Primary dinner lady, Theresa, was the owner of my dress and I’m also a dinner lady back home.

Wearing it meant even more to me, knowing it came from someone who loves and feeds her students just like I do,” she added.

Things started getting tough when the Florida couple’s flight to The UK was diverted to Philadelphia.

As a result, their 4,000-mile journey which included stops in London and Inverness was delayed repeatedly.

The couple ended up being stuck at airports for a total of three days, and their luggage disappeared in the process, BBC further said.

“All of us had breakdowns along the way. It was delay, delay, delay,” said Paul Riesel, the man who is officially the husband to Amanda now.

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