Caught On Camera: Two Cars Collide Head-On, Internet Says Happened In Kerala

The video garnered over a thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments. (Representative Photo)

A shocking video of a driver losing control on a wet road and smashing into another vehicle has surfaced online. The short clip was shared on Reddit. The caption of the post informed that the incident took place in Kasaragod in Kerala. 

The terrifying video shows a speeding car losing control on a wet road. The driver who recorded the incident was driving smoothly when suddenly a red car coming from the opposite direction rammed into it. 

Watch the video below: 

The clip shows the speeding red car skidding on a wet road and swerving, before colliding with the car coming from the opposite direction. The driver appears to even apply breaks but it was too late by then. 

What happened next was unclear in the video. It is also not yet known when the incident took place or if anyone was injured due to the crash. 

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The video, however, has gone viral on social media. Since being shared it has garnered over a thousand upvotes and hundreds of comments. One user wrote, “Seems like the red car was overspeeding and lost traction. What a dumb thing to do during rainy weather.” Another said, “I don’t drive for this fear. Dividers are the way to go.” “Even if you are excellent in-car control, no way in saving that slide in that video. The impact with the opposite car was quite sudden,” wrote third. 

Meanwhile, last month another video of a horrifying accident surfaced on social media. The video showed a high-speed car swerving through traffic and crashing into other vehicles. The accident took place on the Grand Central Parkway in New York and the footage was captured by a dashcam installed in a car which was driving on the same road. 

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