Cartist Announces New ‘Art Of Restoration’ Project

Cartist is a Jaipur-based entity that brings together art and automobiles and focusses on creation of automotive-themed art pieces and restoration works. The name is an amalgamation of the two words, car and artist. Cartist recently announced its latest project, named ‘Art of Restoration’, which entails the restoration and documentation of two vintage cars – a Cadillac 1954 Fleetwood and an Ambassador 1969 Mark II, for the next six months. Besides documenting the process of restoration, Cartist will also bring together a range of interesting events in the span of six months. To inculcate artistic skills amongst the automobile enthusiasts, students and youngsters Cartist will organise different sets of engagement activities.

The Cadillac 1954 was manufactured by General Motors (GM) in America and was treated as a high-end luxury car of its time. Cadillac was on the top of the world in the 50s; the twin bullet-like pretension of the front bumpers was inspired by jet aircrafts.

The Ambassador car was recognized as the king of Indian roads and has many stories to bring as it ruled the roads of India for more than 4 decades. Ambassador Mark II was manufactured by Hindustan Motors, which was manufactured between 1962 and 1975. It would not be wrong to say it was a luxury for Indian industrialists and on one hand it even served as a medium of transportation on Indian roads for the layman.

The project will convene automobile enthusiasts, designers, artists, automobile experts, students from multiple institutes, aesthetes and the general public on a common platform to share their knowledge, discuss and collaborate to preserve our heritage and planet- Earth.

Many renowned commercial brands like 3M, Apollo Tyres, Nippon paint, Groz tools and World auto forum have collaborated with Cartist -Art of Restoration in this initiative to find sustainable ways with their products to help the process of restorations to create fewer carbon footprints while restoring a car. Cartist will also document and publish these stories of sustainability through numerous educational videos.

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